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Cooperation with KOICA Olun Olun Project

[Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia] - In an effort to promote environmental conservation and raise awareness about the importance of preserving natural habitats, the Saraana Nature Conservation Foundation (SNCF) recently partnered with the Koica Olun Olun Climate Environment Project. This collaborative initiative involved three distinct cleaning campaigns, with the first taking place at Seoul street at Ulaan baatar city. The second at the Swan Lake and the third at the Gun-Gallut Locally Protected Area (GGLPA), targeting secondary school students. Especially at GGLPA, we also provided education at school. [more detail explanation below]

Plogging at Seoul Street

Date: October 07, 2023

Location: Seoul Street, Ulaanbaatar city

Program Objective:

The event's primary objective was to maintain street cleanliness through "plogging," a combination of jogging and litter collection, setting an example for the public and emphasizing the importance of environmental cleanliness.

Program Overview:

The event featured six participants, including five women and one man, engaging in a cleaning campaign while raising awareness among passersby. Plogging was showcased as an active way to contribute to the community and promote environmental responsibility. This initiative reflects SNCF and Mongol Olle's commitment to fostering a culture of environmental consciousness in Ulaanbaatar, demonstrating how localized efforts can inspire positive change in communities.

Cleaning Campaign at Swan Lake

Date: October 15, 2023

Location: Swan Lake

Program Objective: The primary goal of the first cleaning campaign was to conduct an environmental cleanup at Swan Lake, the nearest wetland to Ulaanbaatar city. The initiative aimed to raise awareness about the value of urban ecology, the importance of responsible development, and the need for community efforts to preserve ecosystems, particularly those adjacent to mining areas.

Program Overview: The cleaning campaign featured 43 participants, including KOICA, SNCF staff and volunteers,The Ulaanbaatar Environmental Department, Songikhairkhan district administration, 32th khoroo of the Songinokhairkhan district, and other participants and volunteers, engaging in environmental cleanup activities, environmental education sessions, and hiking.

Cleaning Campaign and Education Program at Gun-Gallut Locally Protected Area

Date: October 26, 2023

Location: Gun-Gallut Locally Protected Area

Program Objective: The second phase of the SNCF's environmental efforts targeted secondary school students on the outskirts of the city. It included waste separation education and a clean campaign at the Gun-Gallut Locally Protected Area. The program aimed to instill a sense of environmental responsibility in young minds, encouraging them to think about and actively engage in environmental protection.

Program Overview: The initiative brought together 38 participants for waste separation education, ecological lessons, and an environmental cleanup drive. Following these activities, SNCF provided education for making separate waste bins to the participating schools to promote waste separation practices. Additionally, in mid-November, SNCF will conduct another visit to the schools to offer further environmental education.

These projects require the dedication of SNCF and the cooperation of other organizations to contribute to the well-being of Mongolia's natural environment and ensure that the next generation is environmentally conscious. As cooperation with KOICA, the Bayandelger soum local administration, Secondary school of the Bayandelger soum, Local eco club were able to complete the successful event. As environmental concerns continue to grow, these businesses play an important role in creating a sustainable future.

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