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Gun Galuut Locally Protected Area

GGLPA covers an area of 19,276.7 hectares, bordering the territory of Tsenkhermandal soum, Delgerkhaan soum of Khentey province, Baganuur District (Suvd and Shijirbold 2013). The GGLPA is closest protected area to the Baganuur district (16 km) and over 130 km from Ulaanbaatar city, and 5 km from the Baganuur coal mine.

The GGLPA has specific ecosystems and includes different ecosystems including steppe, mountain steppe, desert, wetlands which comprises lakes, river basins, streams, and oasis. Because of this, it has rich in biodiversity and threatened species of different animals and botany. 

The GGLPA’s wetlands are important resting, feeding and breeding area for wildlife, especially migratory birds hotspot area and that rich in biodiversity including several threatened species such as Argali sheep, Mongolian marmot, Mongolian gazelle, Wolf, Saker falcon, White-naped crane, Steppe eagle, Common crane, Hooded crane, etc. Also, it is birding hotspot area close to Ulaanbaatar city and its branch city called Baganuur district (Figure 2). Therefore, the wetlands of the GGLPA are the closest wetlands to the urban areas and are vulnerable ecosystem in Central Mongolia. 

GGLPA is bordered by the Kherlen River in the east, and the wetlands around Tsengiin Burd, Delgerekh Spring, Ikh Gun Lake, and Ayga Lake are rich in reeds and water plants and bird species. 

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